Spanish lessons for all levels by a native speaker.
Scope: General, from level A1 to level C1. Technical, Commercial and Business Spanish are also available.
Method: highly communicative!
We are Spanish Native speaker teachers and very friendship teachers. With us you can learn without any stress! Are you planning to go to Spain? Do you need to get used to the language? Want to know the Spanish culture? Conversation with a native speaker is the best idea! I can teach both beginners and advanced students. We are happy to help you overcome the language barrier
Diversified system of education, CDs, short films. We prefer lessons in our local facilities, because we have in place all the materials needed. We can be open to other solutions, with a small extra charge for transport. We use methods adapted to each student. They can include conversation, writing, grammar, or a thorough preparation for the DELE exam, basic level, and intermediate or superior (of course we have the necessary materials).

We teach both people learning from scratch, as well as advanced students. Everyone can benefit and accelerate the very process of learning. The price includes all materials and photocopies, etc which are individually prepared for each student. Lessons last 60 or 90 minutes, according to possibilities, with Individuals or groups.
Lessons for:

Price List
Our lessons can last either 1 hour or 1.5 hour de duration, and the final price will depend on the size of the group and the distance from our school, in case our teacher will have to travel.
For 1 STUDENT ONLY, particular lesson:
Lesson: 1 hr. duration: 70 Zl (may be twice per week)
Lesson:  1.5 hr classes. Duration (90 min.): 90 Zl, more efficient for both parties

For two or three students at once or more, but small groups:

Lesson: 1 hr. length: 75zł (can be 2 times per week)

Lesson:  1.5 hr classes. Duration: 100 zł
LEVEL A1: (Breakthrough)
the courses at this level (A1) are designed for students who do not possess any knowledge of the Spanish language. After students have completed the course, they will have a basic understanding of fundamental structures and begin to express themselves in writing and oral Spanish. They will have the ability to understand short messages, when articulated clearly and slowly. They will be able to discuss daily situations at a basic level.

LEVEL A2: (Way stage)
The courses at this lower intermediate level (A2) are suitable for students with some previous knowledge of the Spanish. These courses begin with the revision of elementary, fundamental structures and basic vocabulary with new structures introduced progressively. At the end of the course students will be able to describe and express in a simple terms the different aspects of daily situations in their own experiences.

LEVEL B1: (Threshold)
The courses at this upper intermediate level (B1) are focused toward the students who strive to broaden their understanding of the Spanish language and are able to understand texts in a standard language form, dealing with subjects the student is knowledgeable about. At the end of the course, students will be able to produce simple but coherent texts about subjects of personal interest. S/he will be able to describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations as well as justify briefly their own opinions and explain their future plans.
LEVEL B2: (Vantage)
At this advanced level (B2), students will become independent speakers of Spanish and will be able to express themselves with clarity. The objective of this level is to enhance the learner’s ability to justify their opinion and create coherent speeches orally as in written expression. General, academic, professional, cultural and leisure time subjects will be utilized applying formal and informal structures according to each situation